The 411 on Metal Allergies

Got metal allergies? They’re old hat to people who’ve always had them. But if you’re new to this problem—it can start at any age—you may be wondering how to manage it: Will it eventually go away? Do you have to nix all your favorite jewelry? And, if so, is hypoallergenic metal the answer? The answers to these common questions are: maybe, probably not, and sometimes. Continue reading

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Why Your White Gold Ring Is Yellowing—and What You Can Do About It

“Why is my white gold ring turning yellow?” As jewelers, we hear this question a lot. It’s an important one, because if you wanted yellow gold, you would have chosen it in the first place, right? If your jeweler didn’t properly prepare you for these changes to your white gold ring, take a deep breath and know it’s going to be okay. This type of wear is totally normal, and the solution is simple and affordable. Continue reading

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The Knee, the Hand, and the Diamond: Know What You’re Doing When You Propose

Planning to propose? Before you get down on one knee with a diamond ring and ask her for her hand, find out more about why you’re doing it that way. Once you see the meanings behind the traditions, you might even prefer to cherry-pick (or modify) which ones your bride would appreciate. Continue reading

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The Perfect Anniversary: Show Your Love by Giving the Unexpected

Recently our owner, Scott, went golfing with a gentleman frustrated about forgetting his own wedding anniversary that day. In truth, he’d remembered it but not until that morning. Because it was the eleventh hour, the poor guy was at a loss for what to do about a gift. The rest of his day was filled with work and family obligations, so a shopping trip seemed about as doable as a trip to the moon. Frankly, he was stumped for ideas anyway.

What would you do in his position? Don’t say you’d give up, that your wife would understand, that she never wants a gift. When a woman says she doesn’t want anything for her anniversary, what she’s really saying is she doesn’t expect anything. If that’s not a perfect opportunity to surprise her, we don’t know what is. Continue reading

Shopping for Dad—and the Other Men in Your Life!

What’s the greatest gift anyone can give you? According to the late, legendary NCAA coach Jim Volvano, it’s the gift of believing in you—something his own father did for him. Do you have one of those dads, too? How have you thanked him for the “greatest gift”? One day is far from enough to fill such a tall order. That’s why we think of Father’s Day as an opportunity to simply pour in some extra gratitude. When you put some real thought into it, that “little extra” can go a long way.

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Stackable Birthstone Rings Make a Great Mother's Day Gift

Color Mom Happy this Mother’s Day with Stackable Birthstone Rings

Every child is different. Any mother will tell you so! From the distinct cry of her baby in the early months to the way her grown child’s smile still pulls to the left when he’s embellishing tales, mom is a studied fan of her children. Harnessing the emotive power of birthstones, mother’s jewelry is a perfect way to capture that uniqueness of a woman’s children into a single keepsake she can take with her everywhere.

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: How to Find the Perfect Ring without Her

The Surprise Engagement: How to Find the Perfect Ring without Her

Mars, meet Venus. You know she’s the one, but you want to propose the old-fashioned way—with the element of surprise. The selection’s so vast it makes your head hurt, so you opt for something simple and safe: the classic diamond solitaire. We get it. Men who shop rings alone almost always go for the solitaires. But when the women come along, guess what? They almost always steer clear of that section. Here are some ways to spring a surprise proposal without missing the mark on the ring:

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